Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trying To Stitch

I finally got around to starting a new wall quilt. I have been wanting to make a bird nest in wool and today I finally cut it all out. I can't decide if I want baby birds or eggs in the nest. I sat down to stitch but Howard decided that he needed to snuggle. Every time I tried to take a stitch he got in the way. I finally gave up...because God forbid Howard should be inconvenienced!

And this is the mess that I have made in my dining room!

This is actually the mess after I straightened up a little bit! Yes, it was actually worse and has been for about TWO WEEKS! I've been anxious to start several projects and have been buying supplies and pulling everything out but then not doing anything with the stuff. Dear Husband is so excited about it all too! Well, he was excited when he saw me stacking because he thought I was cleaning, just regrouping.

This past Saturday I went to an antique show. All by myself...:o) I saw a great box but it was $495 and considering it was only about 8" x 6" x 4" I didn't think Mark would understand it's value. So I kept walking. I did get some cool postcards and calling cards, and a pretty piece of lace that I will mount on some fabric and hang on the wall. I also bought some buttons from a woman who could quite possibly be the nastiest antique dealer in Maryland. I swear she is there every time and every time she is a total ^&$#@. I just don't get it. You would think she would be happy when someone comes to her with a purchase to be made, cash in hand, and a smile...but no, she glares, she snatches the cash, and she mumbles something about thanks which sounds more like drop dead. I usually don't purchase from her because of her attitude, but my two button women weren't there so I had no choice.

Oh, and I bought this little doll:

I looked at her, walked away because I didn't want to pay $25 for her. looked at every other booth and then on my way out swung back to look at her again. I guess the man recognized me because he literally JUMPED out of his chair and came over to give me the big sales pitch ... Do you collect dolls? NO. Are you looking for a gift? NO. Isn't she great? Mmm, she's cool. Okay, says I ... I'm going to think about it. HHHHHHHH, says he. I'll give her to you for $21 (as I'm leaving his booth) I turn back and say (with a smile) mmmm, I don't know. She's cool, but I don't know if I want her that badly. He glares at me and says "sheesh, it's that tough huh? Alright, $20!" and storms off. Okay, is it just me or are these antique dealers on crack today? Then, here comes the wife (I guess they are tag teaming me or something) she says "Did you want her for $20?" in a nice voice with a smile so I say okay. I still don't think she's worth $20, but I think the smiling antique dealer shocked me so much that I became confused and made the purchase.
I must say, I have been a little over run with sales men this past week. We bought a new car a week ago. I don't have to tell you how annoying that was. Then Monday we had my brother-in-law here about putting in new windows (he has a home improvement business). Then Wednesday we had a guy here about a new fence because honestly, Howard could step over our 4 foot fence and that makes me nervous. And on Thursday we had a guy here about carpet. I'm sales pitched out! So, tomorrow the fence guys will be here and guess what -- it's going to rain -- it's going to start tomorrow and end early Saturday. I called the company to see if they were rescheduling ... no, we'll start and see how far we get. Mmmmm, that will be great since I will be left with no fence and dogs all weekend -- in the rain. I can't wait to stand out in the rain while they refuse to go to the bathroom on a leash. Can't wait.
Monday the carpet guys will be here so we basically have to empty 4 bedrooms of everything (including the closets) except for the beds and the empty dressers. I am so loving that idea....won't the living room look grand with every one's $@!% everywhere? Can't wait. I have no idea when the windows are coming, but he thought it would be next week or the week after. It will look so nice when it's all finished though. I have to paint the entire upstairs next. Ugh. I love the finished look, but I sure hate doing the job.

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kirsten said...

your description of antique-ing was enjoyable! those cards are really pretty!