Monday, March 10, 2008

New Ring and Shopping

Hey, I made a ring on Saturday. It's a shell button. I clipped off the shank and jewelry glued it to a ring base. How easy is that.

On Saturday Mark and I went over to our favorite shop in town and got some stuff for spring. I like these rabbits, but Mark thinks they are too "Dark" looking. We also don't agree that they can stay out all spring and summer. Rabbits aren't just Easter are they? I'm going back today to get the other stuff that I wanted. I didn't want to send Mark into sticker shock so I decided to have him witness the first purchase and then go back for the kill without him! :o)

I like these rabbits. So she has a basket of eggs and is holding an egg. It can still stay all summer too, right? Do you see the little yellow flower garland in the back? I put little twinkle lights in it. It's very cheery. Did I tell you how much I love twinkle lights? We have them up all year in garlands like this. We just change the garland for each season.

I also got this wreath for my dinning room. And this matching garland...

It was going to run across the back of the hutch in the dinning room with some twinkle lights (because you can never have too many twinkle lights) but it was way way too short so I put it up here on the chandelier instead. I always decorate the chandelier for Thanksgiving and Christmas because I love how festive it is, but now I think I will do this for spring and summer too. So I'll have to get a different one for the hutch when I go back today. They had one that was more spring flowers, it might be too much for this room, but I have a hutch in my family room that I like to have a garland on the top of, so I'm thinking it would be perfect for that -- with twinkle lights of course! :o).

My little tree (the one I showed you in a January post) I don't know how to do a link to it sorry...isn't finished yet. I was switching it from winter/valentines to spring/Easter but it's looking a little mishmashed. So, more to purchase from the shop today. Won't Mark be pleased?


Leah said...

the ring looks great! very cool!

miss chris said...

I love those little bunnies...!