Saturday, March 29, 2008

And Now This

I went out with the dogs to check out the new fence...big mistake. Howard in all of his brainless enthusiasm slammed me and my knee went out! I've had a weak knee since 8Th grade so this is nothing new, but oh the splendor of it all when it happens...the spots, the vision going in and out, the sick to your stomach, the breaking out in a cold sweat. Oh it's good times. So I slide down onto the step trying to keep it together. Crawl into the house and onto the sofa. Yell, and yell for Jason to bring me ice and a glass of water. No sympathy there. But Howard, Howard was all about sympathy. First he completely slimmed me with a lick from chin to hair line then he crawled up on top of me and fell asleep. Once I felt better it was actually funny and I snuggled right back. But there were a few minutes there when Howard's life was in jeopardy. The last time this happened was 16 and half years ago when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and our lab while running for a Frisbee didn't notice me standing there and slammed me. Mmmm, went into labor and had to stay on bed rest for 6 weeks. My knee and dogs just don't get along. And, in case you forgot...I still have to move everything out of all four bedrooms before Monday (8am Monday!).

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miss chris said...

Oh no.... I really hope the ice helps! Poor thing!