Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Where has the time gone??? I can't believe I haven't posted since Feb 7th! Sheesh. I hope you had a nice Valentines Day. We didn't do much. I made heart shaped brownies and pink milk with our dinner. I gave Mark one of those Keurig one cup coffee makers.
I honestly don't get it. I think it's much easier just to make a regular pot of coffee and be done with it than mess with these little pre-measured individual coffee pack things. Plus...I like a big mug of coffee and on the medium setting it doesn't fill the mug. And you use the same pre-measured thing of coffee whether you are making a small, a medium, or a large cup. So the small is strong and the large is weak. Hmmm, I just don't get it. Mark, Molly, and Jason love it though so go figure.

Well, yesterday I went out to lunch with my sister...very yummy. There is nothing like a 3 1/2 hour lunch to make all right with the world! Before we went to the restaurant we did a little shopping at a quilt store where I purchased this assortment for my stash...

Then we went next-door to the cross stitch shop where I purchased this...

My sister and I took a class in punch needle a few years ago and I haven't touched it since. I hope I can figure it out again. I thought the colors of this were really pretty and perfect for my dining room.

I have been working on Kellie's little quilt, too...

I'm finished everything but turning the binding. I'm going to finish that today. I'm not really crazy about this one, but Kellie likes it so I'm happy. I'm just glad to be finished with it. I want to make a small bird nest on a branch next.

Howard had to go to the vet on Monday to get his bordetella vaccine so that he can go in for his Neuter surgery on Friday. I got his weight again while we were there. He's 115.6 pounds. He was 9 months on Feb. 14th. I really didn't want to have him Neutered yet (I wanted to wait until he was 12 months) but I'm afraid his hormones will kick in and he might get goofy so, off to the vet on Friday morning for snip snip.

I am a complete nervous wreck about it though. We had a friend who took his Great Dane in at 6 months to be neutered and he never woke up. I'm even having nightmares about it. I just want to get it over with so that I can relax. I was reading a web site about Great Danes and the woman went on and on about all the precautions you need to take when having a Great Dane go through surgery. It just added to my stress over this. Hhhhhh, I just wish it were over. Friday is not going to be a very happy day. The worst part about it is that I wont even hear from the vet until at least 5pm because they said it always takes longer for the larger breeds to wake up after surgery!!! Yeah, relaxed about this...NOT!