Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Stitching Today, But More Dog Business

Some background...We have lots of pets around here...Molly has a rabbit, Jason has a parrot, Ryan has a hamster, and we also have a cat, and dogs. Howard was my birthday present from my husband this past August. I wasn't going to go into this on this blog, but our 10 1/2 year old Lab (Norman) has cancer.

Friday morning (yes, the same day that Howard was going in for his surgery) Norman woke up peeing blood and wouldn't eat. When he looked at me I could see in his eyes just how miserable he was. I called the vet right away to see if I could get him an appointment...Luckily for us because it was freezing rain and all the schools were closed they had so many people canceling appointments that it wasn't any trouble getting him in right away with no wait. Although, I sure they would have squeezed him in anyway, but no wait...So I drop off Howard, go home, get Norman, go back to the vet where they keep him to run tests. Blood work done in office came back fine, xray showed huge HUGE mass around his left kidney. Cancer. Since he was there and we had to go back to get Howard we were trying to decide whether or not to bring him home or to go and say goodbye and have him put down that night. It really was not an easy decision. I didn't want to upset the kids. I couldn't decide whether it was better to have them remember him with good memories or if they should be put through the goodbye -- since we weren't going back until 6pm to pick up Howard I had time to ask them one by one. Kellie (7) bursts into tears and says NO WAY should he come home because she couldn't stand to say goodbye. Ryan (11) YES! I want to say goodbye. But please don't put him to sleep on my birthday. OH MY GOD, during this mess on Friday I had completely forgotten that Ryan's birthday was on the following Tuesday 2/26. (luckily we got past his birthday with Norman - can you imagine how awful that would be - We got Norman right after Ryan was born, they have always been together) Molly (14) I don't know which one is worse. Jason (16) YES! I want to say goodbye.

So we picked him up at 6:30pm along with Howard. He's on pain medication and a special diet...He seems to be doing well. I don't think this mediation is going to work for long (he was a complete mess on Sunday because I was a 1/2 hour late giving him his pill) because he needs it so desperately. So every day the kids get up and ask is he okay today...then they come home from school and ask is he still here, is he still okay. It's becoming an obsession with all of us. I really am not sure I made the right decision bringing him home. Kellie is obsessed with death and burials. Although, on a funny note last night we were in the car and she said "Mom, when Dad dies..." Me "WHEN DAD DIES?" Kellie "Yeah, you know when Dad dies will we bury him in the graveyard or in our backyard?" Me "In the backyard? Don't you think the neighbors might have a problem with that? ha ha That would be an awfully big hole!" Kellie "Well, Mrs Johnson buried the goldfish in her backyard."

So here I sit looking at Norman and questioning everything. Howard is being nice about it, though...He's even letting Norman sleep on his big (enormous takes up the entire room) bed and that's saying something! I think they can sense things like this. I remember 4 years ago when our first Lab Fred died for weeks after if you said Fred's name Norman would let out a little cry/whine. I think they feel loss as strongly as we do. Anyway, sorry to bring you down with this post, but it has been all consuming here. I haven't picked up a needle or even looked at fabric since last Thursday. Tomorrow is a week for Howard so I can take him for a walk THANK GOD! He's losing his mind with so much pent up energy -- it's going to be a long long walk. And Norman seems to be hanging in there -- he's still peeing blood which she (the vet) said he would, but he's eating and wagging his tail so that's got to be good for now, right? But, when it rains it pours, Ryan's hamster has moved to the bottom of his cage so, if you know hamsters, you know that that is not a good sign....Good times around here. I feel better sharing this though...

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Vicky aka stichr said...

It's ok to blog about this, it's a part of life. My dogs have started sniffing one of the cats every time he comes in, like they are figuring out where he has been on his adventures outside. Normally they would pounce and chase the cat. But the cat lets them sniff him and even 'talks' to them, must be the 'bee's hive' kind of thing.