Monday, February 25, 2008


So Howard came through the surgery just fine....whoohooo. We picked him up at 6:45pm. They said that for the next 14 days he needs to be careful on steps and no walks. Fine. Well, not a problem on Friday night because he was completely loopy from the surgery and swayed every time he stood up. Saturday morning...whole different story. My husband went out with him to make sure he was okay...big mistake...rocket dog...crazy running...leaping through the air like he's trying out for Santa's sleigh...attacking bushes. Hmmm, he's taking it easy on the steps though and we aren't taking him for walks so I guess we're good, right? :o) How exactly do you keep a puppy calm? This is not going to be an easy two weeks.

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Vicky aka stichr said...

I always snorted at that 'rule' from the vet, yeah right! If Howard didn't feel like leaping for joy, he wouldn't. He will tell you if anything is wrong, because he is such a people dog!