Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Stitching Today, But More Dog Business

Some background...We have lots of pets around here...Molly has a rabbit, Jason has a parrot, Ryan has a hamster, and we also have a cat, and dogs. Howard was my birthday present from my husband this past August. I wasn't going to go into this on this blog, but our 10 1/2 year old Lab (Norman) has cancer.

Friday morning (yes, the same day that Howard was going in for his surgery) Norman woke up peeing blood and wouldn't eat. When he looked at me I could see in his eyes just how miserable he was. I called the vet right away to see if I could get him an appointment...Luckily for us because it was freezing rain and all the schools were closed they had so many people canceling appointments that it wasn't any trouble getting him in right away with no wait. Although, I sure they would have squeezed him in anyway, but no wait...So I drop off Howard, go home, get Norman, go back to the vet where they keep him to run tests. Blood work done in office came back fine, xray showed huge HUGE mass around his left kidney. Cancer. Since he was there and we had to go back to get Howard we were trying to decide whether or not to bring him home or to go and say goodbye and have him put down that night. It really was not an easy decision. I didn't want to upset the kids. I couldn't decide whether it was better to have them remember him with good memories or if they should be put through the goodbye -- since we weren't going back until 6pm to pick up Howard I had time to ask them one by one. Kellie (7) bursts into tears and says NO WAY should he come home because she couldn't stand to say goodbye. Ryan (11) YES! I want to say goodbye. But please don't put him to sleep on my birthday. OH MY GOD, during this mess on Friday I had completely forgotten that Ryan's birthday was on the following Tuesday 2/26. (luckily we got past his birthday with Norman - can you imagine how awful that would be - We got Norman right after Ryan was born, they have always been together) Molly (14) I don't know which one is worse. Jason (16) YES! I want to say goodbye.

So we picked him up at 6:30pm along with Howard. He's on pain medication and a special diet...He seems to be doing well. I don't think this mediation is going to work for long (he was a complete mess on Sunday because I was a 1/2 hour late giving him his pill) because he needs it so desperately. So every day the kids get up and ask is he okay today...then they come home from school and ask is he still here, is he still okay. It's becoming an obsession with all of us. I really am not sure I made the right decision bringing him home. Kellie is obsessed with death and burials. Although, on a funny note last night we were in the car and she said "Mom, when Dad dies..." Me "WHEN DAD DIES?" Kellie "Yeah, you know when Dad dies will we bury him in the graveyard or in our backyard?" Me "In the backyard? Don't you think the neighbors might have a problem with that? ha ha That would be an awfully big hole!" Kellie "Well, Mrs Johnson buried the goldfish in her backyard."

So here I sit looking at Norman and questioning everything. Howard is being nice about it, though...He's even letting Norman sleep on his big (enormous takes up the entire room) bed and that's saying something! I think they can sense things like this. I remember 4 years ago when our first Lab Fred died for weeks after if you said Fred's name Norman would let out a little cry/whine. I think they feel loss as strongly as we do. Anyway, sorry to bring you down with this post, but it has been all consuming here. I haven't picked up a needle or even looked at fabric since last Thursday. Tomorrow is a week for Howard so I can take him for a walk THANK GOD! He's losing his mind with so much pent up energy -- it's going to be a long long walk. And Norman seems to be hanging in there -- he's still peeing blood which she (the vet) said he would, but he's eating and wagging his tail so that's got to be good for now, right? But, when it rains it pours, Ryan's hamster has moved to the bottom of his cage so, if you know hamsters, you know that that is not a good sign....Good times around here. I feel better sharing this though...

Monday, February 25, 2008


So Howard came through the surgery just fine....whoohooo. We picked him up at 6:45pm. They said that for the next 14 days he needs to be careful on steps and no walks. Fine. Well, not a problem on Friday night because he was completely loopy from the surgery and swayed every time he stood up. Saturday morning...whole different story. My husband went out with him to make sure he was okay...big mistake...rocket dog...crazy running...leaping through the air like he's trying out for Santa's sleigh...attacking bushes. Hmmm, he's taking it easy on the steps though and we aren't taking him for walks so I guess we're good, right? :o) How exactly do you keep a puppy calm? This is not going to be an easy two weeks.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dinner---Not So Great

I hate Wednesday nights. Mark teaches and Jason works. Last night Molly, Kellie, and Ryan could not agree on anything for dinner so it ended up being a "whatever" night. Which means I made three different things for them. And I ended up eating this...

I really wanted Popcorn for dinner with that cupcake for dessert, but I didn't think that would be terribly healthy or a very good example for the kids...I will say, Wednesday night is when Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International comes on (one after the other) from 7pm until around 1am. I know, stupid show, but I love it. I spend most of the time laughing about it, but I love to watch it. So that's what I did all night. Ate this blah dinner and watched stupid ghost hunter shows. I did finish the binding on Kellie's quilt though so that at least was not a waste of time.

These are some seriously sucky photos, I really need a new camera!

I forgot to mention yesterday that when I was at the cross stitch store (which is next to the quilting store which is next to the KNITTING STORE...:o) I know, it's a great shopping center - I would love to open a bead store there, but it's an hour away so...not going to happen.) Anyway....while I was there, I was looking for Needle Necessities overdyed floss (which is what I use to stich ALL my little quilts) and they said they don't have it anymore because the company was sold and they don't know if they will still be making it!!!! WHAT?????!!! How can they do this to me! Luckily, I was not in the middle of a project and needing more -- I was just replenishing my stash, but now what am I going to use? I love that floss and I love how it looks on my quilts. rrrrrrrr. I'm bummed. I guess I'll have to start dyeing my own...O Joy. Well, time to get to work on the cleaning...mmm good times there.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Where has the time gone??? I can't believe I haven't posted since Feb 7th! Sheesh. I hope you had a nice Valentines Day. We didn't do much. I made heart shaped brownies and pink milk with our dinner. I gave Mark one of those Keurig one cup coffee makers.
I honestly don't get it. I think it's much easier just to make a regular pot of coffee and be done with it than mess with these little pre-measured individual coffee pack things. Plus...I like a big mug of coffee and on the medium setting it doesn't fill the mug. And you use the same pre-measured thing of coffee whether you are making a small, a medium, or a large cup. So the small is strong and the large is weak. Hmmm, I just don't get it. Mark, Molly, and Jason love it though so go figure.

Well, yesterday I went out to lunch with my sister...very yummy. There is nothing like a 3 1/2 hour lunch to make all right with the world! Before we went to the restaurant we did a little shopping at a quilt store where I purchased this assortment for my stash...

Then we went next-door to the cross stitch shop where I purchased this...

My sister and I took a class in punch needle a few years ago and I haven't touched it since. I hope I can figure it out again. I thought the colors of this were really pretty and perfect for my dining room.

I have been working on Kellie's little quilt, too...

I'm finished everything but turning the binding. I'm going to finish that today. I'm not really crazy about this one, but Kellie likes it so I'm happy. I'm just glad to be finished with it. I want to make a small bird nest on a branch next.

Howard had to go to the vet on Monday to get his bordetella vaccine so that he can go in for his Neuter surgery on Friday. I got his weight again while we were there. He's 115.6 pounds. He was 9 months on Feb. 14th. I really didn't want to have him Neutered yet (I wanted to wait until he was 12 months) but I'm afraid his hormones will kick in and he might get goofy so, off to the vet on Friday morning for snip snip.

I am a complete nervous wreck about it though. We had a friend who took his Great Dane in at 6 months to be neutered and he never woke up. I'm even having nightmares about it. I just want to get it over with so that I can relax. I was reading a web site about Great Danes and the woman went on and on about all the precautions you need to take when having a Great Dane go through surgery. It just added to my stress over this. Hhhhhh, I just wish it were over. Friday is not going to be a very happy day. The worst part about it is that I wont even hear from the vet until at least 5pm because they said it always takes longer for the larger breeds to wake up after surgery!!! Yeah, relaxed about this...NOT!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Watching Movies/Not Cleaning

I have been wanting to watch the movie "ONCE".

It's rate R for language, so I couldn't watch it with the kids home and Mark would hate it...Anyhoo, today when I should be cleaning and working on school for tonight, I watched the movie instead. It started out a little slow and I thought, Okay, maybe this wont be so great...but then...listening to the music and watching the movie I ended up LOVING it. It even made me cry -- although, truth be told, that could just be me PMSing :o)--So, if you haven't seen it, maybe you should check it out. I'm going to buy the soundtrack. mmmmm I liked that movie. I really, really am going to put down the coffee mug, stop snacking on cookies, and get some cleaning done now. So have a great day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Finally Finished!

I am soooo happy that I am finished with this little wall hanging! I've started beading Kellie's now so I am feeling very productive. Kellie finished her "100th Day" project too...

It says "A Milkyway of 100 Stars". I think she did a great job! The 100th day was going to be today (Tuesday, February 5) but they didn't have school on Friday because of...rain. Yep, it was a little icy when we got up and they had a 2 hour delay...then, at 8am we got a call that they were closing school for the day. By 10am (when they would have been leaving for school) all the ice was gone and it was only raining. So, they had off due to rain. Anyhooo, because of that 100th day will be tomorrow. They decorated T-shirts in class to wear...

Isn't it cute? Today they are saying that it will be 65 degrees...65 degrees!!! It's only 45 degrees now and I have the pellet stove on. It is really starting out very chilly and ugly...
Foggy and gray. Yuck. I'm hoping for some sun by noon so I can take Howard for a walk and enjoy the warm day. Not that we can't walk without the sun, but it would be a lot nicer, yes? So, school tonight for me...hhhhhhh...must prepare.