Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sweet Howard And Stitching To Do

Oh Good Lord! Look at the carnage! That poor pathetic "bush" was once a gorgeous Butterfly Bush!!!! Do you see the branches all over the ground????

This is what made me think there might be trouble...

Do you see the giant branch in his mouth and the bits all over the deck? Yeah. Good times. He's very sorry now though.

Soooo...Even though they are calling for maybe some snow (cross my fingers so that I don't have to go to class tonight) I'm thinking more about spring. I'm working on this little quilt today.

I also have a quilt I made for Kellie that still needs all the beading done to it. I'd like to have both of these finished by the end of this weekend. I have some other things that I'm anxious to start working on, but I promised Kellie...first things first...She doesn't mess around!

This is the quilt Kellie is waiting for to hang by her bed. I colored the background of this little quilt and then used hand dyed floss to stitch the entire thing. Now I have to go back and do all the beading which is always my favorite part.

I used these crayons to color the background and draw the flower...

Very fun. I've used them a lot when I don't want to hand dye the fabric. I painted the background of this little valentine I made last year using regular ol' craft acrylic paints. It was really fun.

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Leah said...

i love that little valentine! so many great details!